Display calibration and Windows7

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Display calibration and Windows7

Hello everybody,

I've just purchased an x-rite i1Display pro to calibrate my laptops' displays and get consistent colors. I've used it on both a Windows XP based system and a Windows7 laptop.

No problems in WindowsXP but going to windows7 it's a mess.

The main problem is that colors look similar to the ones displayed on the windows XP computer (which seems accurate to me) only when using Photoshop and windows photo viewer.

When I open the same pictures using a web browser (tried IE, Chrome and Firefox) there is a strong yellow cast on them. The same happens when I switch to full screen/slideshow in windows photo viewer. Also microsoft Paint shows the yellow cast.

Here are a couple of comparisons (even though this is not the most annoying example)

Photoshop vs Windows photo viewer (same colors)

Photoshop vs Painr (yellowish skin color and red flower on the board looking more orange)

The issue might seem not too severe from above captures but it is actually quite annoying when viewing photos using a web browser. By the way, all browsers are supposed to handle custom color profiles installed in the system.

Has anybody experienced the same problem?



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