Feeling jipped with D600 39-pt AF?

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Now that the D7100 came out with 51-pt AF, that is?

A little, mostly because the D600's point coverage isn't that great and tracking in very low light (ISO 25600, f/2.8, 1/200s) isn't very reliable. But for tracking in light that's anything better than that, the 39 point system does a very nice job. I'm getting near top of the line ISO performance, and AF tracking that hasn't let me down yet.

It's not like the D7100 is perfect either. It's missing the full time ISO display in the finder, seems to suffer from far more noise than the D600, and has a shallower buffer. The noise is given with a smaller sensor, but if Nikon had put in the same info display as the D600, and given the D7100 a bigger buffer, it'd be an attractive backup option. As it is now, it's certainly a good looking camera, but not quite enough to tempt me into getting it as a second body.

The D600 was a compromise for me in a lot of ways, since Nikon didn't put out a real D700 replacement (in other words, a slimmed down D4). The files are a litte too large, better performance over ISO 12800 would be nice (and so would 8 fps), and the 39 point system's coverage isn't so hot. But it was (and still is) the closest thing in Nikon's lineup to what I wanted, and I didn't want to wait longer.

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