Looking for a P&S compliment to my E-M5, advice please.

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LX7 or RX100?

I think your choices basically boil down to these two.

If cost is any consideration, the RX100 is approx. $600 vs $300 for the LX7 on sale.

I like the LX7 for its quick ability to shift from 1:1 aspect ratio to 16:19, plus the 24mm wide angle view. Plus, I have a fondness for some of its Art Filters, particularly Dynamic B&W.

In other words, it's a fun back up P&S.

Ditto the RX100. It's a relatively new purchase so I haven't felt myself around with it as much, especially with regards to its panorama and HDR functions.

But even though it's slower in some aspects (f stop when zoomed out, etc), its larger sensor is going to give you a lot more leeway in post processing.

The below was shot at f5.6 at 6400 ISO. I don't think the LX7 files are going to clean up nearly that well.

As always, it depends on what you're going to use the P&S for. Low light, landscape, what?

Sony RX100 @ ISO 6400

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