X Rite Color Passport and DPMx?

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Re: Clarification and misconceptions.

Seanps wrote:

Hi all

I have all three DPMs and enjoy them a great deal. I mostly work in B&W but have been inspired lately to do more color. As there is a lot of discussion regarding color differences across the line I was wondering if anyone had tried this xrite solution for color management. I use their products to manage my monitors and printers but had not used this to create camera profiles.

Any one tried it or something similar in the SPP workflow?

I know Gunther Borgermeister calibrated his SD14s, but found he needed to use a 144 patch gretag card for getting correct colors. I also think it was him that said that you could not calibrate the camera once and for all, but that each different light setting required re-calibration.

Also think Gary Mercer did calibrations (also with SD14), using 16 patches.

A few misconceptions in this thread:

1. A gray card has nothing to do with calibrating a camera. Grey card is for WB adjustment (and/or exposure measuring), and can never replace calibration. (Only if the camera is perfectly calibrated, of course). A WB adjustment influence ALL colors in the scene. This also applies if you use a grey card and Custom WB.

2. Calibration is used to correct individual colors (not all, of course, but hopefully the adjustments also influence the rest of the colors correctly). It is vital for correct color reproduction with Foveon. (and for most other cameras) WB will just shift all colors.

2. Grey cards are 12% (at least they should be), not 18%. Light meters, handheld and in-camera (film and digital) tries to match 12%.

3. A grey card is not a grey card. Get a good one, because lighter or darker grey might cause color shifts.  I can´t seem to dig up a Imatest for the DPxm series, but the Imatest for the SD14 shows that white to black points varies - meaning that colors (wb) will change if you click on different shades of grey (and white).

Thank you


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