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Re: Some Harsh Responses

An old thread resurrected (apologies), but I stumbled upon it after searching for something else, and had a real good laugh at AAK's website and his (aherrrm) services. Steve, if he's a web/cloud expert (as he claims), then I'm Chewbacca's sister. Actually there's a greater chance that I may be Chewbacca's sister than AAK being a web-anything-guru. Going to his site and looking at the html source is all one needs to realize that he doesn't have a clue (not to mention that the entire graphical aspects are oh, about 20 years out-of-date (including those sample sites he links to).

All AAK ever did was pull the wool over a few naive people's eyes, maybe not in terms of money but certainly in terms of his qualifications (as a developer, in one form or another, and as a photographer). Those who actually are knowledgeable in either or both of these kinds of fields can easily recognize the absurdity of AAK from miles away.

Maybe he did do "pro" photography in the sense that he made some money from it by peddling prints at some fairs but I doubt he sold anything to anyone with even a half-keen artistic eye. Alan liked to think that as a "pro", he was automatically also an "artist".


Now it seems that he likes to think that just because he can manage to put up a very sloppy, non-standards compliant web page, it automatically makes him a web/cloud expert.



Martin (former web developer/designer, current mobile developer/UX designer, and photographer who sold a print once to a true-blue collector for a very princely (or was it a Wookily, sum).

Stephen McDonald wrote:

Alan Katz on this forum was sometimes moody and reactive. I got a few sharp jabs from him, but many more compliments. He did do professional photography and produced many very good images. His comprehensive White Paper, begun about the H1 superzoom and amended to include later models, was better than any other such guide I've read, even though I disagreed with some of his premises. I doubt very much he intended to make money off of it. If he did receive a few contributions to his website, he certainly earned them and I'm sure they didn't bring him more than a token for his efforts. After all these years, these continuing strong opinions about him, speak more than anything to his straightforward manner and opinions. Such a person usually evokes either pro or con reactions.

Frankly, after going through his current website, I'm not convinced about his claims to be an expert in all those areas. But I don't really know, so I have no basis to levy anything but a bit of doubt and certainly not any strong criticism. I figure if he can put together such a presentation for himself, he could do it for clients, as he describes. He's not likely putting out any more hot air than anyone else operating in the somewhat mysterious atmosphere of the "Cloud". We probably never know more than a small amount of what participants here can do and have done in their lives. And I'm appreciative that Alan popularized my favorite bird, the duck, on this forum. Now if only the newcomers here would discover the joys of portraying this splendid fowl, more often.

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