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Re: Fusion and SSD question

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Hi guys,

My very old windose laptop has finally gone to heaven, (may have gone somewhere else the way it was behaving;-) )

Now surviving with an iPad until about June 30 when I hope to get a  27" iMac, maxed out except I cannot decide on which HD

The storage on the 3TB fusion looks very tempting but I'm thinking the 768GB SSD would be attractive also,

Would there be much difference in speed between the two? I'm thinking mainly processing power and speed for image editing programs, and am planning to add another camera soon which is 36mp and files are around 100MB !

I'd say in 95% of all situations they will have a very similar speed. The Fusion Drive maintains a buffer of 4 GB. If you, eg, import images from a memory card of more than 4 GB, the import process will slow down after these 4 GB (of course things also depend on the speed of your memory card and card reader if they are slower than the 3 TB 3.5" HDD than you naturally will not see any difference).

Where do you find that 4GB buffer info?


Here for example: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6406/understanding-apples-fusion-drive

Looks like Anandtech contradicts themselves, look at my link above.

Here is another link talking about a 4 GB buffer that however in some situations is increased to 8 GB.

On page six of your link Anandtech also talks about a 4 GB buffer. So, it really looks like 4 GB is the normal offer but in some situations, in particular writes, that can be expanded to 8 GB.

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