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Re: Not impressed with 5D3 either?

TTMartin wrote:

altair8800 wrote:

TTMartin wrote:

Well given that the 7D is priced within $100 of the D7100, and honestly now that the DPReview D7100 studio shots are up I'm not impressed.

DPReview 7D vs D7100 RAW @ ISO 3200

Also, no one has said that the 7D Mk II is going to have the same sensor as the 100D/SL1, only that the 70D will.

If you substitute the 5D3 for D7100, it also looks bad in that area. The 7D is better focused in that area than some other cameras. Look at my favorite area just above the "Vermouth" on the left bottle. I think D7100 looks better in that area.

The noise isn't increased or decreased based on how well it is focused.

Yes, the 5D Mk III looks less well focused than the 7D, but, it doesn't look noisier than the 7D.

The D7100 looks noisier than both of them.

While the D7100 sensor looks fairly good to me, I hope Canon can do much better for 7DII with 24Mp and less noise than 7D. I will not upgrade for 18Mp even with less noise, unless AF works with f8 lens and TC combos.


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