G5 curiosity has gotten the better of me....

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Re: Remenber, the G6 is being announced in a couple of days.

jalywol wrote:

captura wrote:

I suddenly have 2 copies of the P. 14-45 lens which I like a lot, although it is large like the NEX kit zoom.  This happened because I just acquired a Lumix G1, which I like a lot. Did you ever own one of these? Or anyone else here?

I have not...I had the 14-45mm, and while it is nice and sharp, I just never used it, preferring either the 14mm prime or the 14-140mm if I was going to use a zoom.  So, I just sold it.

I've never used a G1, but I did have a G2, which I also really enjoyed.  It was a very nice camera; got some good shots with it.  I would have kept it except I felt a little limited by the DR of the sensor.


Interestingly, the GH1 solved the problem with the G1/G2's limited dynamic range by replacing the 12 mp sensor with a 14 mp sensor. Although the nominal specifications still read as being 12 mp for the GH1.


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