Nikon D800 or D7100 for aspiring photographer

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Re: Nikon D800 or D7100 for aspiring photographer

greg606 wrote:

I am dissatisfied with perfomance of d71000 (5frames!, small buffer, too small for my hands, small viewfinder)

The viewfinder on the D800 will be an improvement. The fps will not improve. I've heard people complain about the D800 being too small fir their hands. You would have to handle one to decide for yourself.

and totally with the lens (I bought terrible lens with hell of distortions, loq IQ).

As others have said, your D7100's IQ will improve with better lenses.

If I buy d800 I will initially go with 1-2 primes which can be hard for me as I love zooms convenience but I was planning to switch to more image quality and landed with some bad choices.

You have to pick your primes carefully to get the best IQ. There are some mediocre primes out there as well. There are also some decent zooms that many professionals use. What is best will depend on what you want to shoot professionally.

Also d800 would place me in the market with some earning potential as I dont see d7100 here.

A D800 will not turn you into a professional, if you can't be one with a D7100.

The item that will do the most towards moving you into professional work would be:

The Photographer's Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

But I read - not good for weddings, not god for concerts, not good for animals, sports at all.

Those who make these complaints usually shoot high volume, low resolution, and want a high fps count. The D800 does not fit those needs.

Those who chose to shoot weddings with a Hasselblad and film would have no problem using a D800 for weddings.

I feel d800 will be switch into full artistic expression. I love catching the moments.

You are likely to be disappointed. Full artistic expression comes from the photographer. A camera wont give it to you.

If you can't catch the moment with a D7100 you wont be able to with a D800.

What would you advice?

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that the equipment will provide what you need. It is just a tool. The right tool for the job is important, but success of the craftsman depends as much on his/her skill as on the tools.

You need to concentrate on improving your compositional skills if you want to be successful commercially. The thing that most readily separates a commercially viable image from a snapshot is the composition. Lighting is also very important. A good pro must be aware of the light and work with it, or change it to get acceptable results.

Nikon d800 has some limitations for me too - FPS being one. But image quality is something I'm aiming at.

The IQ difference between what a skilled photographer can get from a D7100 and a D800 will be very subtle.

On the other hand I am more gadget man than really into photography (feel unhappy with anything than best). Of course price is also a factor, too.

Nothing wrong with buying a camera that makes you happy. Just don't think that it will magically make your photography as good as a skilled professional. You need to do that yourself. It is not difficult, and can be learned. You just have to put the time and effort into it.

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