Thank you for all your advises I have truly appreciated them! But I'm leaving now.

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You did prove a certain point...

caimi wrote:

4. Learn a little basic grammar.

How about you learning some basic manners?

When you write, "but your learning"  you are contracting two words, you and are. You do this by writing "you're" not "your.

When you write, "its too expensive" you are contracting the words, "it" and "is. You do this by writing "it's" not "its". Also, when you are indicating something is excessive, use the word "too", not "to".

Proper grammar goes a long way in carrying your argument.

So do "proper" manners. It's not his native language. I'm delighted that he took the time to communicate in English since it is "my" native language. I think I'll him give a whole bunch of bonus points for that. I also will overlook his grammar "errors" since he will overlook my inability to speak his native language. I do speak some German but, my German friends don't make mean spirited comments about my terrible German grammar which I am certain is all over the "error" map.

"Proper" manners can be difficult to deal with as well. If given the choice, I'll communicate as best I can with the person trying use a different language other than their native one instead of some "no manners" (bad) English grammar constable like yourself!



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