D7100 'streaking'

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Re: D7100 'streaking' - doesn't look like blooming or flare

mosswings wrote:

To put Jack's suggestion into context a little bit, the D5200 writes files ONLY in 14 bit visually lossless compressed format.  Just as the D5100 before it.  This is apparently to avoid posterization in the lowest levels.  The D7100's default is 14 bit "uncompressed". High DR scenes should always use 14 bit formats. The question is now whether Horshack's test shots were shot in 14 or 12 bit format. He had to resort to a 5-stop pull to reveal the streaks, so the answer may be yes.

Yep one should really use 14bit uncompressed when studying this.

The "usual" banding requires +5EV exposure and over +50 shadows to become prominent. The "streaking" not as much.

I'd also note that Lightroom doesn't just do anything simply even though it uses a simple name to describe it.  I raised the "exposure" knob to reveal the streaks, but it may be playing games with the tonal balance in the shadows as it does so. YRMV.

Certainly, LR's controls are heavily coupled under the hood.

Question: does streaking show up if the highlights are not blown (according to RawDigger or some other reliable raw histogram, not LR's which manages to recover some blown highlights)

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