Does anyone care about moire?

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Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: How much resolution is ENOUGH or TOO MUCH?

sigala1 wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Well, any of the 24MP Nikons would be a big jump in quality from any of your Olys, that much is certain.  Are you thinking of upgrading?

I'm not endorsing any particular camera.

I've seen moire using Olympus cameras as well. All manufacturers are following suit in using light OLPF filters to get images that appear sharper at 100%

They don't appear to be sharper, they actually are, by common consent.

and therefore please reviewers more.

I am sure they are doing this for marketing reasons, even though their engineers are opposed to it.

LOL, read us the minutes of that meeting, please.

And while you're at it, show us a Phase One, Pentax 645 or a D7100 picture that's been damaged by the lack of a blur filter.

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