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Re: A99 viewfinder - please help

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I don't think it's the evf being affected at all. I experience the same thing at times and shielding my eye stops it. It's like trying to look at an lcd in bright sun. I also believe this will affect evf or ovf

My style of shooting occurs outdoors mostly. I walk around with the camera and strap around my neck. I search for a interesting subject then bring the camera up to my eye , compose quickly and take the shot. I do not use the tripod much and that is why I like the super steady shot image stabilization.

To shade your eye before taking a shot is another potential way of losing a great shot which I do not have to deal with on my A900.

It would seem that the luminance level of a bright sunlight scene coming through an OVF compared to an EVF is much, much greater.

I would like to see an experiment with an A99 vs. an A900 or similar setup. Just have both eyes open on a bright sunny scene when shooting a picture, then blink one eye at a time to see if there exists a great difference first with the OVF then repeated with the EVF. Also how long does the eye take to re-accommodate to the brightness of the viewfinder.

As a side-note I can tell you I have been snow blind for at least one minute when the change is dramatic such as coming indoors from the bright outdoors .

Perhaps someone knowledgeable in Physiology or Bio-Physics can respond since there seems to be a difference of opinion on this matter.

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I will do the brightness comparison of the viewfinders of the A900 and the A99, hope the sun will come back soon for this.


Thanks Fabian, I am anxious for the results.

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