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Atoche wrote:

I tried and tried, and could not get the result that you did... any tips?  I use LR4, simply adjusting the temp slider bar did not produce the results for me - that you were able to achieve.  Did you just "warm up" the white balance until the yellow matched everywhere?

I guess when it comes to white balance, I am off balance!

I don't have LR, so can't advise you there. But in Photoshop you do this in layers, so you can selectively warm up the cool areas without "overwarming" the parts that are already warm. I don't know whether LR allows you to work in layers.

EDIT... Here's how I did it: From ACR, open as a smart object in Photoshop. Make a "new smart object via copy," reopen that in ACR, and warm it up. Back in Photoshop, put a black mask on that warm layer and paint with white where you want to warm it up.

The black areas of the mask protect the parts that are already warm:

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