Help! jpegs greyed out in Windows 7 (64) file listings

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Re: Codecs used by WIC to display thumbnails in Explorer

I know of one case that could cause this, but it's a long shot: Intel sells a library called IPP. It's a collection of utility routines covering many areas, such as signal processing, video compression and image processing, including JPEG decoding.

There is a sample JPEG decoder in the form of a WIC codec as part of this library. This code is not meant for production and it can be compiled for single processors or multiple processors. The multi-threaded version of this sample uses the Intel OpenMP runtime, and when this particular version of their sample is registered, Explorer creates partially gray thumbnails, due to some sinister nested multitasking issue with the OpenMP runtime and/or the multithreaded version of IPP. I've seen it, and the symptoms are exactly as described by the OP.

Now, I'm NOT saying that this codec is installed on the OP's machine. A hint would be the presence of the Intel OpenMP Runtime DLL: libiomp5md.dll

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