OMD seems expensive compared to GH3 now....

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Re: OMD seems expensive compared to GH3 now....

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Allready now the GH3 price is dropping. In europe now only 100 eur more expensive than OMD. Is it just me or is the OMD looking more and more expensive ??

Off course the Oly is great BUT it ceartainly is also quite a bit older than the GH3.


well oly is much better camera with higher demand.

How do you figure that the OMD is a better camera since the GH3 is also a professional level video camera with huge demand from HDSLR videographer types?

Huge demand? I doubt it. The group, which actively does pro level videography is probably much smaller than the group, which has high demands on stills photography. While Panasonic certainly has won a lot of customers among videographers, it probably has lost a lot of stills photographers, because it did not supply a true replacement of the GH2 (before the release of the E-M5, the GH2 almost had no competition as a mirrorless stills camera, because there weren't many with a large build-in view finder in a body with good external controls). The GH3 isn't this, because it is too large, and the G5 does not fulfill the gap, because it lacks internal controls and the IQ of a GH3/E-M5. Panasonic tries to drive its customers into the hybrid path, ignoring that most of its former customers simply do not work hybrid.

If fact I'd argue that the GH3 is more versatile since it can actually be used for professional level video production.  So with the GH3 you are getting much more for your money as it's a hybrid camera that is great at both still and video.

Still IQ is very similar with both cameras, but video specs and performance are significantly better with the GH3.

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