To go full frame or not?

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Re: To go full frame or not?

2 completely different beasts. I have D800E, Nex 6, Fuji XE1.

The Nex and Fuji don't really come close to the D800E image quality although Fuji ooc jpegs are outstandingly good. Nex 6 is a good all round camera but its main appeal is its small and compact yet takes different lenses.

The 16.1mp Exmor sensor is a gem but its not a 24mp Exmor full frame sensor or a 36mp Exmor sensor. They are simply better.

Larger sensor picks up more light because of larger surface area.

But its a much larger form factor (not that its that large and heavy but the Nex 6 is tiny and light).

Lenses are also larger and heavier and possibly more importantly a lot more expensive.

But you will take shots that are much more appealling than your Nex 6.

I like my Nex 6 but it in no way can compare to the D800E. But then which would I pick up for many shots? The XE1 or Nex6 because its small, light and inobtrusive.

If I want to take the best picture possible I pick up the D800E.

If I want to shoot video I pick up the Sony Nex 6 or my Sony RX100.

So perhaps define your usage and intentions towards photography a bit more and that will make it clearer if you will go the extra mile to get the best shot in which case a D600 would be better than a Nex 6 or Nex 7.

Also with the Nex it is taking some lovely photos when coupled with the Contax g Zeiss manual lenses. It has focus peaking (so does D600 with its manual focus system, not sure if its called focus peaking but a circle appears when focus is spot on and arrows left or right indicate which way to turn the lens if it is not in focus). These manual focus older lenses would also work on a D600 with the right adapter. So do APS sized lenses and the camera will automatically scale the image down.


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