Thank you for all your advises I have truly appreciated them! But I'm leaving now.

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Guy Parsons
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I am staying....

Stepside wrote:

The basic 1/2/3 rules are fine but this next I don't agree with....

Stop reading forums like this one, don't read tests of new hardware  don't buy magazines that contains reviews of equipment (types)  you already have!...............

No, keep reading forums, as there's a lot to learn here. I reckon my first couple of years on photo forums about ten years or more back taught me more than the previous 40 years of books and magazines etc. The interaction and fast feedback from members from anywhere in the world makes getting help and advice so easy.

Of course you need to learn to apply the "sensible filter" to weed out the rubbish advice.

Make photos, make pictures....make art....even make what you like the best ..

Absolutely, but keep posting of cat and dog images to an absolute minimum.

When your camera breaks, go back to 1, but this time, only read about what camera fits your lenses!

No, make sure the warranty or extended warranty gets it fixed. Only seek replacements if the incoming model is somehow way better than the current model, usually skip 3 models seems to be good advice.

Exceptions to the rule:
If you buy a big heavy DSLR like Nikon 800 or Canon 5D you are permitted to buy one decent compact, NOT RX1, its to expensive , buy RX100 (to give you an example).

No exceptions, every system camera needs a neat compact in a belt pouch for those sneaky shots or just for a casual walk where taking any shoulder bag is a pain or awkward.

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This his is what I will do from this very moment! I will not read any forums. I will not read DP, image resources. I will not read about equipment on the net and in magazines.

Big mistake, you are stunting your learning and ability to solve problems.

I found the camera that's perfect for my needs and now I will use my time to make the best I can.
The camera I/you have chosen will serve us well in doing just that. Its not relay about technology  in today's digital photography.

If it works for you then that is perfect, but keep an eye on forums to help expand your knowledge on your system camera, don't use forums as a buying guide only.

In my case I have now settled on E-PL5 as the ability to assign the 4 custom settings to any spots on the Mode dial makes that a perfect camera for me. Just like using the C1/2 of the Panasonics but more versatile. Can't see me updating on that for say at least 5 years, which is a realistic time frame for digital bodies.

You don't have to thank me for these advises. I know it will save you TIME and MONEY, it WILL make you able to produce lovely and interesting pictures in the long run. Its even ecologic...

I save money by not trying to be first on the block with anything. Even my car is now 13 years old and the current mess of techno trash cars does not interest me.

Having some way to pay for the hobby is a good idea, I have fallen into intermittently making print display stands for camera clubs as a retirement hobby project and the small profit from that pays for workshop replacements and my camera habit.

Regards...... Guy

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