who uses leica

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My one more thought.....

jay coffsky wrote:

At times I would like to ask for help but often some of the responders love to make poop with their sarcastic remarks. I hope this will not be the case.

I would love to own 'the best' of something before i leave this earth, thus I am looking into a leica rather then replace my D300 with nikon D800. I am at retirement and can afford either fortunately (hard work for over 55 yrs not inheritance). I cant decide if owning the M9 or new  M (M10?) would be the way to go for an amateur or is that like buying a Rolls Royce instead of a porsche turbo. I read the technology is behind with the leica (Rolls Royce analogy) as compared to the Porsche (D800).

I have never seen a professional either at a banquet event (wedding) or sporting event use anything lately other then Canon or Nikon. In fact i have never seen a pro use a leica.

So am I just kidding myself into an Rolls I would not own one if you gave it to me for the same price as a Porsche and they cost over 2X as much. Is the leica thing real or a big hype disguised under the term of quality.

Of course i respect all the interpretations.... BTW this is really that kind of post that make me feel sad about photography ........

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