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To the OP:  We are uncertain what level of skill you possess.  Leica is selling mystique for obsolete technology and very few features.  That is called the 'slow, thoughtful' approach to picture-taking because you are stuck with a squinty rangefinder and manual focus and turning that into a virtue. Some folks have talked themselves into believing that the lens quality is better, which to me is questionable.  Even the camera magazines (discreetly) conclude that there are no differences, or come up with results no better than comparable FL DSLR system lenses. in testing Leica optics.   How much is having a status item worth to you?  And, if it's worth a lot, consider ordering up a Leica "a la carte" with chartreuse ostrich skin covering or something like that.


"Leica is selling mystique for obsolete technology ..." That my friend is the idea. Let me explain. Recently I bought a M9. Its the camera I have wanted for a very long time. Why ? Simple put it is the only digital camera that operates like cameras used to. If Nikon or Canon had made a full frame rangefinder like the M9 then I would probably have bought that. One of the best cameras I have owned in the past was a Nikon FM. A purely manual camera. Leica is the only company that make something equivalent to the FM in terms of the way it operates. You see I like manual cameras. I hate automatic cameras with their complex menu systems and 500 page manuals. With the Leica its so easy. You compose, focus, expose and shoot.

So to answer the OP question, you have to ask yourself, is a manual camera what you want. As far as IQ is concerned Leica, Nikon, Canon etc full frame are all excellent. When you buy a Leica M8/9/M you are buying into a old fashion way of shooting. I read a review of an M8 where the reviewer complained bitterly that the camera had no auto focus. Duh !!

So I bought a M9 not because I wanted some sort of status symbol but because its the only digital manual camera on the market today. That is a pity.

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