Speed up Imac 24" with bootable SSD

Started Apr 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
Howard Moftich Veteran Member • Posts: 8,875
Re: Speed up Imac 24" with bootable SSD

dont bother w/ 6G of RAM.  Just get 8 (2x 4G) and be done w/ it.

Besides that, I dont think your plan will accomplish much.  You're still limited by the internal mechanical drive and you're also throwing away much of the performance 'win' of the SSD by attaching it via FW (to say nothing of the performance hit you'll take when the machine needs to swap (which it will) to SSD via FW.

My suggestion would be a 8G of RAM, 256G SSD and find a good 3rd party Mac shop that can do the install for you.

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