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John4 wrote:

I've recently been toying with doing the same thing.  However it seems as if there is another factor which should be considered.  As you change the focus, you are also changing the magnification.

Is this a real problem or only an imagined one?  Do Helicon or CS6 correct for this?

I've mostly used ZereneStacker, but have also used CS6, and Helicon Focus. Zerene is better at eliminating problems than CS6. I haven't used Helicon enough to evaluate it.

Yes, software deals with the magnification change.

For macro, the best way to change focus is to keep the lens to subject distance fixed and move the camera body. This can only be done with bellows.

Second best is to keep the camera at the same focus and move the camera to subject distance.

Changing lens focus is good for more distant subjects, however, it will work with macro.

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