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Re: Try before you buy

jay coffsky wrote:

Thanks for all suggestions. I guess it,s kind of trying to justify a Porsche 911. I am in my 13 porsche and if someone asked is it worth it . Best answer to rent or borrow and see what one thinks--
jay coffsky

I should let my Wife read the 13th Porsche comment! She stopped complaining about cameras and lenses a long time ago. 10 Leica (3 Digital) bodies and over 60 lenses for them. Twelve Nikon RF's, down from 16. Probably half of those are custom adapted to RF coupled Leica mount. My Brother worked on cars and fast boats for work and hobby. I worked with Digital imagers in the 1980s, and working on camera equipment is my hobby.



Two 80 year old Zeiss Contax lenses adapted to Leica RF mount. Total cost for the pair is under $200. Probably 10Hours each to disassemble, clean, and convert.

If you like working on your cars, you'll love rangefinders. Need to get the lens shimmed to 0.01mm.

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