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jay coffsky wrote:

At times I would like to ask for help but often some of the responders love to make poop with their sarcastic remarks. I hope this will not be the case.

I would love to own 'the best' of something before i leave this earth, thus I am looking into a leica rather then replace my D300 with nikon D800. I am at retirement and can afford either fortunately (hard work for over 55 yrs not inheritance). I cant decide if owning the M9 or new  M (M10?) would be the way to go for an amateur or is that like buying a Rolls Royce instead of a porsche turbo. I read the technology is behind with the leica (Rolls Royce analogy) as compared to the Porsche (D800).

I have never seen a professional either at a banquet event (wedding) or sporting event use anything lately other then Canon or Nikon. In fact i have never seen a pro use a leica.

So am I just kidding myself into an Rolls I would not own one if you gave it to me for the same price as a Porsche and they cost over 2X as much. Is the leica thing real or a big hype disguised under the term of quality.

Jay.... why a lot of thoughts .... you have an easy solution to your problem !!!

You give me your Porshe and i give you my M9 with some great lenses  .... for a short time , so you have only to buy the D800 to compare !!   after that you can decide if want back your Porshe ..... in the case you will fall in love with my M9 , no problem ...i will continue my photography with my M8 , wandering in my town with your little car .... i can host only one girl with that , so for me it's really a disappointment .... but i'm a good guy , and i want to help you !!!

(In this way you could have two cameras at the price of one... very good so far !!!

Isin't this forum great to find some good and generous people ?????  

Let me know ... Gianluca

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