To go full frame or not?

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Re: To go full frame or not?

I've been yearning to go full-frame for a long time but I'm gradually coming to realize that for a lot of what I do, APS-C really is plenty sufficient.

With the right lens and technique, on APS-C I can capture more detail than I will ever actually need. (Still haven't done any 3x5' prints...) What's more, the narrow viewing angle and lower reproduction ratio actually give APS-C an advantage for the product shooting that constitutes most of my frames these days.

Full-frame will always have an edge for low light / high ISO noise and shallow depth. At the moment, I wouldn't employ these advantages enough to justify the still very formidable cost (and deal with the bulk). But as costs come down and my frame count goes up, I'm sure I'll wind up with a full-frame eventually.

I like working with mirrorless cameras so much, I am willing to wait for those to be available in a reasonably affordable FF body. (I feel reluctant about investing a whole bunch in an unnecessarily large body & lens system with antiquated flipping mirror technology.)


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