Three new AF Zeiss lenses announced for NEX and Fuji X

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Re: Three new AF Zeiss lenses: HEADS UP..TO-DAY!

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It's interesting to see that some people are already re-iterating that old chestnut that IS 'can' degrade image quality. You don't have to believe Zeiss you know .....

IS certainly can degrade image quality as it operates by deliberately de-centering the lens. Zeiss have also said that they can't build lenses with IS with the strict tolerances they require. I guess this may be true, or it may be another way of saying "Zeiss doesn't have the technology to put IS in their lenses".

I'm not sure which to believe. There are some very good lenses that have IS, but IMO the very best lenses around don't have it.

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All this adds to the burden of evidence that IS should be inside the camera body and not in the lens.

And adds to the cost.  
IS really comes into play with the longer lenses and video.  Your shorter lenses don't need it as much.

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Let's just suppose for a moment that the average NEX owner owns four e-mount Sony lenses with OSS. Each of these lenses has a cost + sales component of $75 for the OSS portion of the assembly. Where do I get that, you might ask?  Well, m43 lenses from Panasonic which cost average of $75 more than their Olympus counterpart because they have OSS but Olympus don't.

So if you're with me so far, then take the $50 X the 4 NEX lenses will mean the average Nex owner has spent $200 just for having OSS in his lenses. Or more.

Compare that to putting Steady-Shot into the NEX bodies...would that cost $200 each?  Not bloody likely, as they say over 'ome. I guess maybe $50 only. And the Sony lenses could be smaller, not having OSS. And the NEX bodies a bit larger....they're too small anyway.

PS: I suggest you consider a second (new) NEX body, for the anti-distortion and PDAF features alone.

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