LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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Re: Small sensor and landscape work

elemenoP wrote:

Mostly, big landscape is my problem with IQ. My FZ200 has f2.8 constant out to 600 mm EFL, but that does not help me with a big landscape at 100 ISO and say 35 mm EFL .

It would be good if someone with the LX7 and RX100 took a tripod to a big landscape with a mixture of bright and drab areas and did a careful tripod shoot with both cameras, using all the sensible precautions, like identical EFL/framing, perfectly steady light, no wind, IS off, 10 sec timer, shaded camera, identical exposures, no earthquakes, settings optimized in previous tests, hamster detection switched off, etc, etc.

I'm curious about this. I don't shoot much landscape, but maybe I'd like to someday... What are the limitations of a small sensor with regards to landscape work? DOF (by which I mean achieving SHALLOW DOF, a goal of some other types of photography, and a difficulty of small-sensor cameras) should not be a problem with landscape, because you want nearly everything in focus, anyway, right? So what do you lose by using a small sensor camera? Detail? Dynamic range? I assume you get more of both of those with a bigger sensor? (Do you?) Could you mitigate the DR problem by doing HDR in post, or is that a different effect than you are looking for? Do you find the FZ200 lacking for landscape work and why?



You can do landscapes with small sensors:

ZS 19, 2-shot, stitched. File size reduced "For Web" in PSE8 to save up/download bandwidth.


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