Buying a Mac Mini just got a whole lot easier

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Interesting point

In sections "1.3.1 Optical Drive" and in "1.3.2 Media Card Reader", the owner's guide says "(Active USB connection required for optical drive to function.)"  I'd guess the card reader really does need a USB connection (when's the last time anyone offered a Firewire or eSATA SD reader?).  As far as the optical drive goes, if you're thinking about buying this product, you might want to check with the manufacturer.  Since the miniStack Max connects to optical drives via SATA, it seems possible that this USB "requirement" is a mistake in the manual rather than an actual connection restriction.

Section 1.3.3 says that Firewire and USB can be connected at the same time.  Firewire and eSATA can't (if you plug in both types of cables, eSATA will be disabled)

Newer Technology - miniStack MAX - Owner's Guide and Assembly Manual

Interesting point.

Will have to send Newer Tech (or OWC) an email for clarification.

Didn't realize the potential for conflict.

Thanks for the heads up.

I currently have a MacBook2,1  2.16 GHz (2007)

Over the years I have upgraded...

The RAM to 2GB

The Hard drive to a 128 SSD

Replaced the optical drive with a 1 TB drive.

I have an external DVD player to watch movies but it takes up both USB ports and its always in the way.

So I will probably get the 1TB, Blue Ray version and use it has my backup drive.

Really impressed with the SSD upgrade. The system boots up in less the 17 seconds and Photoshop CS4 seems to run fine.

One has to be impressed that a 6 year old laptop can still perform admirably.

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