Recommend an inexpensive fast MF portrait prime for NEX ?

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Re: Recommend an inexpensive fast MF portrait prime for NEX ?

Amamba wrote:

As the topic says... what would be a fast (1.8 at least), inexpensive (as NEX is going to be my backup camera used mainly for travels) portrait (i.e. nice bokeh) manual focus lens that I could use with a simple adapter (don't need AF confirm or other bells and whistles).

I understand that NEX can use Canon's FD lenses (which are incompatible with Canon EOS).

What about Oly OM, Nikkor, etc. ?

Any brands that can't be easily adapted (e.g. no infinity focusing) ?

Any known bargains out there ?
Any help is much appreciated !

I think any 50mm. manual focus 35mm. film camera lens would do well for portait work.  However I like my Leica 50mm. Simmilux f/1.4 the best.  I seems slightly softer then Carl Zeiss Paner 50mm. f/1.4 that I once had on my old Contax SLR and it has nicer bokeh.  I like the Carl Zeiss better for fine detail work.

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