How many D800e RAW files will fit on a 1TB external hard drive?

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Re: How many D800e RAW files will fit on a 1TB external hard drive?

AofA wrote:

also, i didn't understand what you meant by RAID "levels". isn't a RAID a backup system as well? very secure?

When folks here refer to RAID, they usually mean RAID level 1 mirroring, in which a second hard drive runs as an identical copy of the primary drive. If either drive fails, the other can continue to function normally. So a single drive failure does not immediately cause the data store to fail. There are other RAID configurations--different ways to array multiple disks to achieve various benefits--but they are not important to this discussion.

Regardless, RAID is not backup. For example, last week I messed up and corrupted an original raw file. In the RAID set, both drives at that point had the same corrupted file, since the second drive always mirrors the first. Also, in a RAID set, you only see one virtual drive. It's not like you can go to one actual drive or the other and see if they really are the same. So even if there was momentary a difference between the files on the two drives, there would have been no way for me to take advantage of that. The only way to save the corrupted file was to go to a separate backup and restore the original file from there.

This is just one simple example why RAID is not backup and why you need backup. There are many more.

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