Where is my D400?!!!

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Re: Where is my D400?!!!

all_digital wrote:

Even viewed at 100% looks good for image shot wide open. What do you thing the D400 could do for you that the D300 is not doing well?

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I've shoot in theater with d300s too


Most pictures taken at ISO 1600...3200

It just OK but colors looks artifical and if you need minor shadow or color balance adjustments color transitions becomes posterized.

Same trouble exist in reportage. Minor shadows on face cannot be safely repaired because they gets different colors.

D300s isn't bad hi-ISO machine, I don't afraid ISO3200 as above sample. But you cannot repair any lighting errors as shadows on face etc.

Also I've tried D4, D800 and D600 and I can say that only D4 holds shadow's colors well, D600 and especially D800 cannot get color pictures above ISO3200 with confidence.

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