who uses leica

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John Knuhtsen
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Re: who uses leica

Oh, what a question. It's just like the other thread 'what's so f***king special with a Leica'.


I would say that it is another way of photography. But it can be done with other cheaper devices too. No autofocus (to my knowledge) and most often no zoom. The new M-series is probably bringing Leica up to a quite modern level, electronically. Optics is out of question one of the very best, and this means a lot, if you are at first used to it. Now when you retire it is a good question to ask oneself. I do the same. Is there any in the family that will appreciate to take over the devices in the far future. I think that also a Rolex is a nice investment, and probably more clever than a Porsche 911.

I myself have (at the moment passing 60) decided that I cannot afford zeiss and leica lenses, not even second hand. If I pass a box on a fleemarket full of these lenses for nothing, that is something I dream of. So I have bought a nex6. To this I add classical good manual lenses. I read reviews of them and study it seriously. I have 15 now, and think it might be adequate. There are several leica and zeiss clones, sometimes produced under license. Adapters can be bought to almost any lens. Focusing is done manually. One have to have inside the head knowledge about 'depth of field', for the most appropiate stop to be set. Then adjust iso for an appropiate shutter speed, and so on. Besides the creative. That is quite funny.

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