Let's help Jim Malcolm

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Re: Let's help Jim Malcolm

I have bought Pentax K-r and FA77ltd new but my buying stops there until I see yea or nay regarding 35mm sensor and some new lenses.  But the time limit is less than 6 months before I switch for good.

It just behooves me, a long time Pentaxian, that Pentax would come out with the ridiculous new digital M-x and give it the same namesake as the awesome film MX. What is this company doing????

Just a note that listening to social media can be dangerous - there are a lot of shills from competitors out there.  It's hard to know what is real feedback and what is just designed to convert more Pentaxians to something else.  People can believe what I say here or not, but I know how good Pentax was in it's film days, and how good some of my lenses are.  It's time to turn things around now because not seeing Pentax in the big box stores will cause people in North America to "say "what is a Pentax?"

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