HS50EXR and F900EXR reviews, continued ...

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Re: Yuck, Black & White

You know, I am gonna miss EXR when it's gone. Don't think the X-Trans sensor is really a good tradeoff - I would rather have more resolution at low ISO than low noise at high ISO, because high ISO is generally unnecessary.

In more northerly parts of Britain, there's often no choice.

The x-trans sensor seems very useful indeed -- just wish it (or at least a mini-version) was on a superzoom.  And is its resolution significantly inferior anyway?

(trying with extreme difficulty to decide between buying a Fuji HS50 or Panasonic FZ200 at the moment  ...much though I like them, my S6500 is really only good for 200asa, and FZ20 best not above a mere 100asa)

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