Macro Focus Stacking

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Re: Macro Focus Stacking

rgolub wrote:

If you get serious, try one of the dedicated focus stacking programs like Helicon Focus - they do a much better job than PS, especially with larger stacks. Helicon Focus has an Android app that allows you do tether to an iPad - wonderfully useful when photographing things stuck in the swamp.

Wait, and Android app that allows you to tether to an iPad?!? Why would you tether one mobile device, running one OS, to another, running a different OS? Seems really odd to me.

Then there are the focusing rails, special tripods and the usual expensive folderoll that comes with photography.

Yup. My birthday is coming up and a set of focusing rails is on my list.

You're doomed.

LOL. IT's true. A camera body is a crack-pipe, and the gear that goes along with it is the crack.

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