New to Fuji, not sure about the X20

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Re: New to Fuji, not sure about the X20

I do understand, really........... but given that <10 days ago the V1-two lens kit- could be purchased for 399usd and I saw the new 10-100 for 399 as thinking was one could sell off the two lens that came with kit for ~200usd and have a total of 600 in a V1 with 10-100 (27-270). Never to buy other lenses for it and since the OP is a nikon owner...maybe get the FT1 someday, that allows the use of the nikon glass she currently owns.

The focus speed is good, the shot to shot time is good, the buffer is great, the 30-110 lens would make a great concert lens especially since the lcd can be turned off....and if the kits lenses were sold I think the over 27~270 range would fill most needs.

I know that if the proposed 24-135 was currently available I wouldn't be looking at any other semi-P&S cameras.


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