Margaret Thatcher has died

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Beeing born was the problem.

Carl, You know from my posts I'm no Conservative. But I don't hate her like you seem to. What exactly inspires your quote above?

Mostly it is just fashionable. Hating MT makes you cool with the proletariat and all that. If you vote labour it immediately means you are a right thinking nice person, and vice versa. It's a form of political moral displacement which has replaced religious self-righteousness.

Clearly most of the haters were not around or simply can't remember that our economy in 1979 was a basket case. The IMF was created largely to help finance Britain out of it's appallingly low productivity and major debt spiral, and industrial output (much of it state owned) was crippled by industrial action and incompetent state control. The austerity that followed was largely the result of spending restrictions imposed by the IMF and the necessity of shutting a lot of it down or selling it off.

Serious illness normally requires drastic surgery, and a long painful recovery.

The fact that she was a hard nosed DOB with some funny ideas, and probably carried on quite a bit longer than she should have (after the medicine was no longer required), does not change the fact that at the time, Britain needed major open heart surgery and she delivered - and won all her successive election victories with a large majority one might add, even if she did become a liability at the end.

I didn't particularly like MT, and was a major victim of early Thatcherism. I graduated in 1982, at a time of record unemployment. I started teaching (for science graduates, it was practically a shoe in) but salaries were painfully low and conditions (for all public sector workers) were dire. But even then, I could afford a small flat to live in and after five years the economy was picking up and it was less of a problem getting another job (with a US firm that was growing it's UK business massively) and moving to a better house.

And Britain did emerge after a decade as a workable economy again. Unemployment fell, old jobs were replaced by new (thanks in part to massive inward investment from abroad). Instead of being at the bottom league of European economies, we crawled back up to somewhere near the top again, until the ERM fiasco and the 1990 housing bubble at least.

Did privatisation go too far? Sure. All "ideologies" go too far. But BA, BT and many other private firms went on to do well and pay a fair wedge in corporation tax, even if utilities and railways became a mess of silly franchises and monopolies.

But when Britain threw the Conservatives out in 1997 and voted for Tony Blair (including me, I might add), rather than rushing to reverse Thatcher's privatisation policies they were only too keen to get the private sector involved in government contacts.  All they did was increase borrowing and taxes, and regulation of small businesses (while relaxing bank regulation).

In their hubris, they simply created an exact duplicate of the 1990 housing crisis, only far worse and far longer lasting, but worse they created the highest level of income inequality since 1920.

Much of the entrepreneurial wealth created under Thatcher (the "loadsamoney" generation) was actually the working classes doing well and becoming middle class (much to the chagrin of the socialist elite who saw votes evaporating). By comparison, all the "wealth" created by Tony and Gordon was in the top end financial and property sectors. As small businesses were crippled by local business rates and higher corporation tax, not to mention escalating rents charged by the "new property owning class" (namely the rich who bought all the new property) the middle class got poorer as the elite prospered. Now we have a generation coming up to retirement with no pension provision, and a generation of school leavers who will never own a home.

I could accuse Thatcher of many things, her policy on Ireland was off base and her alienation of the Scots backfired badly in electoral terms, and her ideological love affair with private enterprise was blinkered to pragmatism. Her social policies on the whole were pretty dire. But I could never accuse her of hypocrisy or populism, unlike our last, "right on" labour leaders and to some extent the limp wristed Tory clones that replaced them. I don't want Thatcher back, but someone with a spine would be nice.

But whatever you think of anyone short of a mass murdering dictator, celebrating their death because you think it makes you morally superior is pathetically populist and hypocritical.

Quite simply one of the best articles I have ever read on Mrs Thatcher & british politics since & well done on setting out some facts rather than the "Blame thatcher for everything" fashionable mentality around now,

No word of a lie I actually listened to a radio program the other day where someone quite seriously blamed Mrs Thatcher for that nut job setting fire to his house with 6 kids inside!,

I was around at the time & this country was in a complete mess when Mrs Thatcher took over, sadly like most control freaks she didnt know when to back down but without her god knows where we would be.

(& for anyone interested I have worked on building sites all my life first as a labourer then a Bricklayer now self employed so I would think I am working class but I try to see the bigger picture & not mindlesly follow the herd)

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