Wedding Lighting Options

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Re: Wedding Lighting Options

You may get more responses if you post in the Studio and Lighting Technique forum.

I invested in Paul C. Buff Einsteins, and am delighted with them. The control you have over them using PCB's CyberSync system is just amazing:

  • Using the CyberCommander at the subject position, you can can independently test-fire, meter, and adjust the output of each light to get the lighting ratios you want.
  • You can then bring the entire set of lights up or down together (keeping the established ratios) to get the overall exposure you want.
  • All of this is done using real camera f-stops displayed on the CyberCommander ... and all of this is done in a few seconds.

Couple this with PCB's Vagabond Mini Lithium portable power sources, and you have everything you're looking for -- except the total system cost will exceed your $1000 target.

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