Any crop mode 12bit vs non crop 12 or14bit raws around?

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Re: wouldn't learn much

ajamils1 wrote:

wildlifr wrote:

I own both cameras, (although I've already sold the panasonic 100-300mm lens) and while a detailed pixel peeping analysis might reveal one being better than the other, I think they are very close in terms of IQ and high ISO noise performance. I primarily shoot in 1.3x crop mode with the D7100, but I do that for file size, image processing time, and buffer impact. I'm not sure I follow you with regards to framing and detail at long distance since the OVF FOV isn't magnified in 1.3x crop mode.

If I'm understanding it correctly, you mean that there is not much IQ difference between OM-D and D7100 ?

That's my feeling, yes. At least with comparable lenses (panasonic 100-300 vs. nikon 70-300?) I think the biggest differences between the two will be seen due to lens selection, which is clearly in favor of the D7100, at least for longer focal lengths. Also, with regards to wildlife photography, especially BIF, (and sports photography I assume)  there is no competition to the D7100 (or recent earlier dx cameras) on the m4/3 side.

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