GPS logger and geotagging question

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Re: GPS logger and geotagging question

I bought an iGot-U GT-120 before a trip to Europe a couple of years ago.  It might not be quite as advanced as some other options, but it's tiny and can be recharged via USB.  The software allows you to configure logging intervals on a variety of factors (if you're moving, the speed you are moving, the time of day, etc) or just a constant timing.  I had plenty of room to spare for data with the options I selected.  It lacks a real battery level indicator, so I charged it each night to be sure.  The power consumption depends on the logging settings.  For example, I configured it to turn off data logging at night and start up in the morning.

I've used the output GPX files in both GeoSetter and Lightroom 4.

If I was going to use it regularly, I might have gone for a fancier one, but it does the job for only $60.  I like having a separate one instead of an in-camera one so that I can use the data with any photos easily.  I was able to geo-tag the photos taken by my fellow travelers as well.

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