RX1 - does your histogram change when you change exposure?

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It's the truth, here's what else it means...

I just confirmed this on my RX1, and it means more than you might think it does.

There is an imaging pipeline which is used to generate your preview. The preview image that is created is exploited in several ways, it isn't only for your eyeballs.

First thing to know about the preview images is that they are small. That's a big deal. Once we are dealing with a small image proxy, a lot of computations can be speeded up by dealing only with the subsampled data, as opposed to the entire image.

Your contrast detection works off of the preview. The histogram works off of the preview. When you choose creative modes, change contrast, sharpening, colors, all of that effects more than the jpeg or jpeg preview.

When you magnify an image, the section that you can see of the image drives everything (unless you have already locked exposure, for example).

Live Settings ON is a sensible way to go because it gives you most of the benefits of an EVF. Setting it to off tries to standardize the gain to give you a stable image, without some of the effects, but also without a snazzy histogram.

But that also means that when the histogram works, it only reflects the subsampled data.

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