LX7 - does its IQ compete with e.g. Sony RX100?

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Re: Photophool, please step forward.

This was quite amusing for a while.. But I mean, c'mon guys! Who on earth cares? A compact is basically something you carry in your pocket (or purse!) and you whip it out because you forgot your iPhone. Which is why compact sales are almost gone in Norway as everyone who's above 8 has their own. Or a Samsung Galaxy S3 or a htc hero, or whatever. Early adopters, we are. And loyal as sheep to whatever fahion hands us. But I digress.

Now the LX 7 is a typical Japanese invention, remember the first Toyotas? They were the first with a five speed fan.. Didn't handle the road, but had a five speed fan!! Great! So you want a hot shoe for what exactly? Your Bowens studio flash? Ok. Great. You have that in your OTHER purse? With your make-up? Oh! I see! You had to take out your make up to make room? Oh, so you put it where the Compact Flash compartment used to be.. Great!

Jane Fonda said it well in "Barbarella" - There are lookers and there are dooers - and the lookers look, while the doers do! In a similar vain I could say .. well you would probably just tell me to shut up anyway!

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