Does anyone care about moire?

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Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: How much resolution is ENOUGH or TOO MUCH?

What monitor are you using?  I can see a clear difference between this D7100 pic and any lower model with no problem:

See how you can read all the fine print all the way to the end on the "Proportional Scale"  without hitting control plus?  You can't do that with a 16MP camera from anybody.  There is a ton of detail in there that lesser cameras can't record.  The resolution and microcontrast is pretty breathtaking on this D7100 compared to any other DX camera.  It takes a D800e to beat it, and not by much.

As well, we have 4K monitors within three years tops for anyone serious about viewing photos on a computer or displaying them on a large flat panel TV.  Very few people care about large prints any more. Be ready.  A few short years ago, we thought VGA was all we'd ever need, but we were dead wrong about that.

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