What is happening with Samsung in Canada?

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Re: What is happening with Samsung in Canada?

Greynerd wrote:

I think Samsung desperately need to make some sort of statement of some sort as to the future of NX.

They make everybody think there is going to be a 55mm lens then it turns into a 45mm then they compound the confusion by saying it is going to be a more costly 3d and nobody is sure if the 2d is going to be produced just when the interest in 3d is waning, if there was much interest anyhow outside of the hype. So few people have the means or the interest in buying the means to view 3d images it is difficult to imagine why they obfuscate this important lens release for so little benefit. You could not make it up really.

The 2d version is certainly still in production.  BH photo in the US just got some in stock, but appears they already sold out.  They are just slow getting them distributed.  My speculation here is they can only produce one variety at a time, and since Samsung doesn't sell as well as some of the other brands they don't pump out the quantities the Nikon/Canon would so supply will be short.

Samsung never said there would be a 55mm, that was forum rumors.  The rumor of a leak originally indicated a 55mm, but that was a long time ago, and might not have even been legitimate.

I am not defending Samsung, they have been pretty poor about publicizing any info on these lenses, and who knows if they are responsible for the "leaks" or not.  I agree, it would be nice if they said more about their future of NX, but for now it sounds like they intend on supporting it. Thankfully Samsung isn't in a cost cutting mode right now  I do think they should put a photographer with vision in charge of that division though and give it more direction.


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