Does the newly announced D800 firmware work for you?

Started Apr 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
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AF-C seems to work a little better after the update

LA_CAMGUY wrote:

What do you think? Enough? Not enough? More needed?

I am mainly using my D800E for landscape work so 99% of the time is tripod, Live-View Manual focus, so in this regard the FW does nothing for me, however, since I heard people claiming the FW makes a big improvement on AF-C performance, and I had a few hours free time yesterday so I decided to go play with that FW with my 70-200 yesterday chasing some humming birds and it seems to work a little better, coming from 1D and D3 series bodies, AF-C on D800E is not something I would brag about, in fact I hardly touch that camera when I go shoot anything that moves, and after the FW update it seems to work quite a bit better now, mainly with the 51 points, I did switch to one single center point only and I didn't notice any difference at all, the center point on the D800E in AF-C mode was never bad to start with in my opinion, so not sure how much improvement it can be with the new FW, but that's only my 3 hours of real world shooting experience with the new FW in AF-C mode.

Some people claimed the new FW also makes improvement in LV zoom in display, I tried it last night shooting night shot out there and I didn't seems to find it any better, may be in fact is a little bit better, I can't really tell for sure as I don't have one with one without FW update to compare with, all I can tell is it is still a joke when compare to any Canon LV,  which two of my friends were using side by side with me last night, so is it useable? yes, is it nice, NO.

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