Favorite X100s settings?

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Re: Favorite X100s settings?

ropausa wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

You are already loosing 2 stops of light when you do not need to. Your better off bracketing the shot.

Using a polarizing filter indoors is useless, you just get dark out of focus images.

Just because you use a polarizer does not mean every shot is polarized. The position of the Sun in relation to the lens matters. You would not necessarily use it to even shoot a sunrise.  A polarizer is used to remove reflections and darken the sky/clouds and is not a 100% all the time fix.  It is not meant for people, it has no benefit. Using a tiffen 812 warming filter can do wonders.

A polarizer whether it be Circular or not is still a costly filter. You can buy a quality multi-coated clear protective filter and a slim profile polarizer and use it when needed. Nikon, Heliopan or B&W are all good filters.

You also can do lots in post editing.

Warm polarizers do exist.

1: with the Heliopan High Transmission polarizer the light loss is one stop. Not more like other polarizers.

2: There are many times that a polarizer would be used indoors. Glare control on glass, polished wood, tile are some reasons.

3: A multi-coated polarizer is always better then a non-multicoated one.

4: You can not do in post processing what a polarizer does in the camera. And why spend time in post when all you need do is twist the filter?

My point is why take light "stops" away if not absolutely needed to get the shot. Cost factor on a polarizer is not as easy to replace financially as a protective filter UV or not.

One can look up the cost of the Heliopan polarizers but its pushing $200 easy.

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