Does anyone care about moire?

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Re: How much resolution is ENOUGH or TOO MUCH?

sigala1 wrote:

I think there's a rather weird disconnect.

When Nikon first introduced 24 MP APS-C cameras, everyone said, "oh my god, that's TOO MUCH resolution, no one needs that much resolution or can do anything with it."

But when Nikon removes the OLPF so that the 24 MP sensor can have even more resolution, everyone praises this as the smart thing to do.

I don't get it. Is 24 MP too much resolution, or not enough resolution?

The techies/pixel peepers praise it, most photographers realize in their normal output this "increased resolution" isn't visible. I posted in another thread in an 8X10 print (and even up to 11X14 for most subjects) I can't see any real increase in visible resolution between my 5MP olympus E1 and a D7000. The reason I got the D7000 wasn't for the resolution, it was for the high iso/DR performance gain.

I can understand if people are looking to make wall size prints all this would matter. I also believe very few photographers images need or should be printed that large. If an image isn't striking at 8X10, blowing it up to 8X10 feet isn't going to fix it

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