How many D800e RAW files will fit on a 1TB external hard drive?

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Re: How many D800e RAW files will fit on a 1TB external hard drive?

coronawithlime wrote:

AofA wrote:

my Mac has Thunderbolt.

i'm looking for a Thunderbolt enabled external HD,

or do i need a raid?

i already own a 1TB G-Tech external HD,

and a 500MB G-Tech portable HD.

i don't keep my photos or videos on my computer.

You noted that you don't keep your photos on your computer.  I understand that to mean that you don't store your photos on the INTERNAL drive on your computer but only on the two externals that you mentioned.  Is that correct?

I believe that the 1TB G-Tech device is only available in USB 3, with only the larger G-Tech devices being available as Thunderbolt.

First question is whether you have one of the new Macs with USB 3 ports or if they are only USB 2.  If they are USB 3, you can already reach the maximum transfer rate to your HDD without using Thunderbolt.  I think G-Tech uses a 7200 rpm Hitachi, which is not fast enough to make maximum use of the Thunderbolt connection or the USB 3 either.  If this is your situation you can save some money and use USB 3 without losing transfer speed.  You would need a very high end HDD or an SSD to avoid the slowdown at the disk.

If you have USB 2 ports and Thunderbolt ports on your computer you can gain some transfer speed by upgrading to one of the 4TB or 8TB g-Tech Thunderbolt Raids.  Google RAID levels and you will find some valuable information, as there are several possibilities.

A RAID can be configured to give increased speed, increased capacity, or increased reliability, BUT IT'S NOT A GOOD BACKUP SOLUTION.

And I'm guessing a backup solution is really what you are interested in creating.  That means a copy of your data located remotely.

Apologies if I wandered off without actually addressing your question, but I hope that helps at least a bit.

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thanks so much. so comprehensive. i don't have USB 3. only Thunderbolt. i will be shooting only RAW and 1080HD video. based on my original post stating my equipment, what would u suggest. also, i didn't understand what you meant by RAID "levels". isn't a RAID a backup system as well? very secure?

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