A99 viewfinder - please help

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Re: A99 viewfinder - please help

I believe the problem is that the pupil of the eye opens and closes with darker and brighter light. I too noticed this problem when I bought my son an A65. I compared my A900 with the A65 in bright light and saw the problem. The A900 was just fine while the A65 was dark in the viewfinder. I wouldn't say it is a problem with the EVF but it seems the EVF does not have enough brightness to compensate for the closing of the eye pupil in bright conditions. The eye is like an automatic f/stop responding to ambient brightness while the EVF has a fixed maximum brightness and cannot get bright enough to compensate for the closing of the pupil in bright light.

I addressed this question to a few Sony Reps at PhotoExpo and at PMA but never got a satisfactory response. I think it is a mother nature problem. That is why I am reticent in purchasing an A99 as much as I like the features on this camera. can anyone verify my assumptions?
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