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That's my words : See tele pictures samples please. CA showing at F9. Yes some Samsung optics very well but not 18-200 mm.

And where is 60 mm ?

Do you know many telezooms (10x zoom) for APS-C sensors that are good?

I see that Samsung 18-200 not so good. If you interesting so hard 10X zoom for APS-C all internet pages to you attention;-)

Samsung's 18-200 is neither good nor bad, it's like the others from other manufacturer's for other systems.

from the ones I know:

- Nikon 18-200 -> OK

- Sony 18-200 -> OK(ish)

- Samsung 18-200 -> OK(ish)

It's simply not a range with very good glass on the market.

I myself am not interested at all, but since you are, I asked you what 18-200mm do you consider good? "Search the internet" is obviously not a suitable answer.

Yes you are right but I work with Sony 18-250 more than three year and I know wery well as would be showing resulting image. I see that Samsung some lower than my lens. My lens not so good I guess but CA some better.

In my opinion, a lens like that makes no sense on systems that are supposed to be compacts.

The only zoom I have is the 50-200mm (Which is way, way better than the 18-200) and I almost never use it, I only bought it because it was only 100 euros.

If you like/want to use a lens like the 18-200, I don't know what mirrorless system is good for you.

I tried my Sony 18-250 on cameras NEX-5 and NEX-5N with LA-EA1 adapter so I want to say that the optics of the Samsung is not that bad but not as good. This is no more than average. And due to a better quality sensor if there are a lot of illusions optics better.
CA speak louder than words. Also shows that the sensor can give a higher resolution than standard optics Samsung....

There is no doubt that the samsung 18-200mm is only average, however, there are many more lens available and most of them are well above average, some of them are outstanding and if there is one thing that samsung knows how to do well, it's very good lenses.

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